Sperm Acrosin Detection Kit (PSA-FITC Staining Method)  




Generic name: Sperm Acrosin Detection Kit (PSA-FITC Staining Method)


20 samples per kit

[Test principle]

PSA-FITC staining was used for the shape of sperm acrosin to evaluate acrosin function. The kit can be used for the evaluation of male fertility.

[Units of Kit]

1.       Solution A           PSA-FITC staining solution;

2.       Solution B           Nacl;

3.       Solution C           BWW;

4.       Solution D           mounting agent;

5.       Slide                20 pieces


Stored at -20℃ for 10 months.


Fluorescence microscope


Fresh sperm

[Test method]

(1)     One drop of fresh sperm is added into conoid test tube, then added 5 ml of physiological saline, 1000rpm×10min;

(2)     Discard supernatant, 0.2-0.4ml, and added 1.2ml BWW culture solution, centrifuge tube beveled 45 at 37 ℃ for 1 hour;

(3)     Erect centrifuge tube, imbibed 1 ml of upper straum into conoid test tube then added 5 ml of physiological saline, 1000rpm×10min, discard supernatant, saved 0.2-0.4ml;

(4)     5μl of sperm suspensions was made into 2 pieces of smears in 1 cm, air drying;

(5)     Two drops of PSA-FITC working solution at 4 ℃ for 1 hour;

(6)     Washed slide with purified water and mounting with mounting agent;

(7)     Observed sperm smear under microscope (400×) at 450-490nm.

[Reference Results]

AR<10% was abnormal.

[Interpretation of the results Indentified]

Acrosin Integrity (AI): fluorescent staining in more than half of sperm head is brighter and uniform; acrosin reaction (AR): fluorescence strap appears in equatorial zone or without fluorescein stain in acrosin zone; acrosin abnormality: all sperm except for the above two kinds of sperm.

[Limitations of Test Method]

Sperm have to be fresh.

[Product Performance]

Comparison with similar products overseas, Correlation coefficient0.654, P<0.0001


Sperm should be fresh.

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[The registration Number of Medical Devices] GSYJX (Z) Z2011N1400171.

[Standard Number]  YZB0037-2011.

[Instruction Approval and Modified day] December 30st, 2011

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