How to verify the Ansomone® GENUINE or FAKE by the anti-counterfeiting stickers sealed on each outer packet/kit.

(The standard packing originated from AnkeBio is 10 vials packed in each packet/kit sealed with  anti-fake zipper and sticker)

The new Packing --- Ansomone® without water for injection

The front of new packing:

Plasctic sealing with anti-fake zipper and one sticker.

The back looking of new packing:

Plastic sealing with anti-fake zipper and sticker.

Open the anti-fake zipper.

④Only one intact anti-fake sticker on each box/packet/kit.

Uncover the sticker gently.

The Fresh and Clear 13-digital serial numbers which are sticked TIGHTLY.

Only one anti-fake code on the top of each box/package/kit.

The complet inner packing.

The cap of our real product is marked with "FLIP OFF ", but it DOES NOT mean all caps with "FLIP OFF" are real products.

Please be sure to verify on our website as below:

Access the the following anti-counterfeiting system, then input the 13-digital serial numbers or 15-digital serial numbers to verify GENUINE or FAKE;
AnkeBio products' offical and unique anti-counterfeiting system

13-digital serial numbers:
15-digital serial numbers:


If you still have some uncertainty, please kindly contact us directly by:

The unique official website for genuine HGH/ANSOMONE® is