Adhesive Plasters

Promoting blood circulation and analgesic plaster

Musk Analgesic Plaster

Joint Analgesic Plaster

Musk Strengthen Bones Plaster

Relaxing Tendons and Activating Collaterals Analgesic Plaster

Yu Liangqing Plaster

Dogskin Plaster

Oral Solution

Canlu Oral Solution

Seed of Wild Jujube Mixture

Snake-bile and Fritillary Bulb Oral Solution

Oral Powders for Reconstitution

Reducing Blood Fat Granulate

Xinshenghua Granulate

Wind-cold Cough Granulate

Herba Sarcandrae Granulate

Banlangen Granulate

Topical Preparation

Kangfuding Tincture

Fengyoujing Tincture

Shidishui Tincture


Chilblain Ointment

Cooling Ointment


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